Item Details - *WOW* AEG B1814G 1x 18v NiCd 1.4Ah Battery

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*WOW* AEG B1814G 1x 18v NiCd 1.4Ah Battery

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Pure Power

Quality Brand - Quality Battery...

WOW - AEG B1814G - 18v - NiCd 1.4Ah Battery


  • The AEG B1814G 18 Volt NiCd replacement battery has a capacity of 1.4Ah

Stock Status

This item is factory graded meaning it has been returned as either an unwanted gift or under a money back guarantee. It is fully checked and tested by the manufacturers service agents and may have some slight cosmetic marks and the box may not be original or perfect. These represent a fantastic saving and are supplied complete with a 90 day warranty for your peace of mind.

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